Forward thinking about finance in Asia Pacific, brought to you by Ashbury


Forward thinking about finance in Asia Pacific, brought to you by Ashbury

Our story is a home for forward thinking about finance in Asia Pacific, brought to you by Ashbury.

Drawing together expert contributors from across the financial community, we curate influential opinion on how financial markets, products and infrastructure are evolving in the region. focuses on two megatrends that are re-defining finance everywhere – sustainable finance and financial technology – as well as providing authoritative insights into macro and market developments. contributors explore topics including the:


Rapid growth of sustainable finance and investing


Future of climate policy and its impact on the region


Rise of digital assets and their place in investment portfolios


Emergence of new financial infrastructure, from blockchains to embedded finance


Explosion of FinTech innovation that is transforming the delivery of financial services


Future of financial regulation in the region


Outlook for economies and markets


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